Deposits Methods

Crypto Currency


The first step for making any deposits or withdrawals with Bitcoin is to set up an online exchange wallet and use it to buy Bitcoin.

If you haven't done this, please check the Help Center articles on Exchange Wallets. Here, you will find step by step instructions for some of the top exchange wallets out there.

Once your exchange wallet is set up and you have purchased Bitcoin, just proceed with these easy steps:

  1. Open the Cashier and select Deposit.
  2. Select Bitcoin (or Crypto Currencies to use another type of crypto) and enter the dollar amount of your deposit.
  3. Hit GET ADDRESS to proceed.
  4. Copy the address using the small copy icon on the right (You also have the option to copy the exact amount of Bitcoin you are sending).
  5. Go to your exchange wallet, access the area for sending Bitcoin (this may be marked as Send, Buy or Withdraw), and paste the address into the "to" or "recipient" field.

Your account will be funded as soon as your transaction is confirmed by the Bitcoin/crypto network. This normally takes only 10-60 minutes.

Time Frames

Bitcoin is currently our fastest payment method. Typically, the funds should appear in your account balance within 10-60 minutes.

All Bitcoin transactions in the world are posted to the blockchain, and a certain number of confirmations must be completed to approve each transaction.

Our system reviews every Bitcoin deposit before crediting your funds, and in some cases, we may need to wait for additional confirmation from the Bitcoin blockchain network.

You can check the status of any of your own deposits at any time by going to the blockchain site and entering the address the funds are being sent to.


We will reimburse the fees you were charged by the Bitcoin wallet as long as you are depositing $100 or more. Fees will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 15% of the total amount deposited.

Fees must be claimed within 24 hours from when you deposited with us. After 24 hours we cannot consider any reimbursements.

To claim your fees, simply:
Take a screenshot of the receipt showing when you bought the bitcoins, or a photo of the actual paper receipt if you used a Bitcoin ATM (date, address, and amounts must be clearly visible)
Email the image to [email protected]
Once we receive the details we'll credit the fees to your account as soon as possible.

Credit Card


You can make your deposits using a few different card types. Available cards will be shown in your Cashier.

To make a deposit, just open the Cashier and:

  1. Open the Cashier and select Deposit.
  • If you've never used a card before, you'll be asked to fill in the card details the first time
  • If you have used your card, the details will be stored and you can simply select which card you want to use
  • You'll also see an option to Add new card if you want to use a different card for the first time
  1. Enter your deposit amount
  2. Hit DEPOSIT

NOTE: certain card types include a 10% fee added to each deposit. This will be shown in the Cashier when you are entering the amount of your deposit.

All credit card deposits are subject to a review process. We thank you in advance for your patience. If your deposit has not gone through after 30 minutes, please let us know.

Credit card deposit not approved

If your card deposit was not approved, you should have received an email informing you about this.

Typically, credit cards can be declined for the following reasons:

  • International transactions blocked by bank
  • Insufficient Funds on the card
  • Processor Issues (not related to your bank)

For either of the first two issues, you may call your bank (not via text or email) to confirm what happened.

In cases where there is an international block, simply follow these steps:

Tell your bank you want to make a purchase on the internet and you would like them to lift this block for further transactions (not the one that was already declined).

Once they do that, please do NOT attempt the deposit online.

Wait 10 minutes and call or chat with a Taormina agent who can re-run the transaction for you (this will avoid another decline).

If there is a processor issue, typically your bank will not see the attempted deposit at all. When this happens, please get in touch with the Customer Service

Also, keep in mind that if you switch to Bitcoin to make your deposits, you will never face these types of problems.

Disputing credit card charges

Occasionally banks may charge extra on top of what you deposited (aka "overcharges"). You can report these charges to us and they will be reimbursed to your account, normally within 60 minutes.

NOTE: International fees are not the same as overcharges; international fees CANNOT be reimbursed

Also, if your card was charged but the funds never added to your sports account, your case will be reviewed and if valid evidence is presented, we'll refund your purchase. We do our best to have these cases resolved within 3-5 business days.

Make sure the statement clearly shows the deposit as processed/posted to your account already. If the statement shows the transaction in any other status such as "pending", it cannot be reviewed.

Credit card chargeback policy

Any credit card deposit that is returned to your bank (or "charged back") will result in a partial blocking of the account. In those cases, you won't be able to deposit with cards or withdrawal using any method until the issue is resolved.

When a chargeback happens, the funds are credited to your Taormina account and possibly already used to place wagers, however, we never actually received the money. As a result, the software will make a manual account adjustment to remove the owed funds from your balance (if available).

In order for the account to be returned to good standing, with full access to card deposits and payouts, you will need to make a new deposit for the amount owed.

Settling chargebacks

If your account has been partially restricted because of a credit card chargeback, it is important to clear up the issue for your account to remain in good standing and be re-enabled to use credit cards.

To do this, you must either:
Make a new deposit equal to the amount that was charged back, using Bitcoin deposit method, or Contact your bank and request them to cancel the chargeback. You must then email a photo of a bank statement to Taormina, confirming the canceled chargeback.

Credit card verification

If you're requesting a withdrawal, and have used a credit card to fund your Taormina account, you may be required to send a copy of your ID and/or a copy of both sides of each card used.

This information is requested the first time you are withdrawing after using a new card. It may also be requested at different times for security reasons.